Singular Act I - Sabrina Carpenter

Singular Act I

Sabrina Carpenter

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 8

  • ℗ 2018 Hollywood Records, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
Almost Love 3:32  
Paris 3:38  
Hold Tight (feat. Uhmeer) 2:55  
Sue Me 2:59  
prfct 2:46  
Bad Time 3:04  
Mona Lisa 2:18  
Diamonds Are Forever 3:49  


  • Is this just for the Album?

    By ㄕ∑Яモ
    Sabrina you have changed. More grown up. Hope you don't go too grown up. I really loved Bad Time and Sue Me was perfect. I can't wait to here your next. I've noticed each of your albums are unequ but this album took the turn. IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. Not a bad thing just don't go crazy and pleas stay clean. Will some of your next albums sound a bit like this new one? 🤔 Pleas be wise, and be smart in your decision.
  • She’s growing up

    By musics the best thing
    I see bad reviews on this like what happened she’s to young for this. SHE IS 19!! She is trying to break out of the Disney star so she Courbet taken seriously.. and this is just her way. She’s not acting out like some other Disney stars.. she is just making music for more mature audiences.. I mean would you rather her act crazy so Disney would have to let her go or have her write more mature music?
  • no, just no

    By yikenike666
    this is terrible! i don't mind her growing up and writing more mature songs but this is just bad. shes trying to sound sexy and it sounds so bad. the grinch thing was so bad and its not even on this album but its so bad i need to talk about it oh my god. almost love and diamonds are forever were by far the worst.
  • Million stars

    By jaynie pillai
    Your my icon my idol I love you so much and you inspire me to write my own songs. Thank you love you. Great job.

    By bbrodeue
    She’s the best not only with girl meets world she’s Awsome
  • Her closest reach to becoming an Icon

    By Ivy Leviathan
    As much as she has become more “inappropriate” which is what I have seen, she does not deserve that title because she did not curse at all. Just because she sings about more explicit topics doesn’t mean that the album is bad. I was very neutral about Sabrina and EVOlution, and eventually I grew out of it, but Sabrina mixed her potential and artistry to make a banging album and I am ecstatic
  • ❤️🔥❤️

    By IluvBaking!!
  • Paris

    By Abbyapple07
    This song makes me deal like I am my self and like I am in Paris. Evan though I know I am not in Paris
  • Awesome

    By boredandsleepy
    This album is killin’ it !
  • This squid-kid is SHOOK.

    By Acts like Squirrelflight
    Normally I don’t listen to Sabrina’s new music anymore. And honestly, EVOLution was not her strongest work. That being said, HOLY CRAP! SABRINA SNAPPED. I would say that she’s “turned into a generic artist” but I don’t listen to a whole lot of pop anymore. So I don’t really have an opinion on that. My only nitpicks are about Bad Time and Mona Lisa. I just didn’t care for the beat. But other than that, it’s great. Also, Rude Unicorn 🦄, THAT IS A FAT MOOD OH MY GOD😂😂

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