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Grunge Hippie Outfits Tumblr. Probably one of my favourite items! What are your thoughts on thigh high socks?

indie grunge fashion | Tumblr
indie grunge fashion | Tumblr (Madge Woods)

We wear hippie outfits every day & love to share hippie vibes. Really buds, you don't need Halloween to dress up as a hippie – just choose a hippie outfit any day of the year to spread vibes of peace, love and hippy-ness! A compromise between hippie and grunge Normalerweise stehe ich überhaupt nicht auf Blumenprints.

What are your thoughts on thigh high socks?

Our hippie outfit ideas are perfect for year round!

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Grunge fashion

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Grunge Style Clothes-20 Outfit Ideas for Perfect Grunge Look

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